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DIY Dog Bed Frame & Pillow for $50 or less!


DIY Dog Bed Frame & Pillow!

So this was our latest home project. The size of this bed is 5′ x 3′. You can make this any size you want, really. I’m sure you’re wondering why we built such a huge bed. No, we don’t own a Great Dane, pig or small pony. We do have 4 Labradors and a small terrier who love to cuddle, though. I’m sure you can only imagine what 4 dogs trying to find space to cuddle looks like. Usually they can find space for 2…maybe 3. There is always a 4th one left out. Can’t picture it? Here let me illustrate that for you…

They will cuddle in the closet…

Or take over the couch…

And when they run out of space…even the laundry basket isn’t off limits.

But sometimes there is that coveted moment all to themselves…

Given this cuddle space issue, we thought that we would try to buy a large dog bed. Yeah…not so much. A large dog bed is ungodly expensive and it still leaves that “space for 4″ issue. The holidays are here now and family is coming to visit, which only makes that space for 4 dogs issue even harder. Don’t get me wrong though….I’d rather that some of these relatives sleep in the laundry basket…but I guess that doesn’t go along with the ‘holiday spirit’ theme, now does it?

So we ventured out to the Home Depot land and bought ourselves some lumber. We knew the sizes we needed so once we picked out the pine lumber the HD crew cut them to our specifications. We needed the following:

x3 – 5′ pieces (2″ x 6″ planks)

x4 – 3′ pieces (2″ x 6″ planks)

x4 – 15″ pieces (2″ x 2″ post)

1 quart of stain

1 brush

1 box of 1  5/8″ screws (you need about 30 screws)

That all costs about $25 depending on your choices. Bring it home and assemble from there! The front is one 5′ plank. The back is two 5′ planks. Each side is two 3′ planks. Make sure you pre-drill the holes before you drill in the screws for you newbies to working with wood this size. Once you assemble the bottom frame, screw in your posts so you can attach the top frame. That’s it! You can stain it from there!

The bed was a cinch as well. Buy 7 of the $2.50 pillows at Walmart (if you can stand going near there), needle, thread, a 36” zipper, and 4 yards of fabric. I bought $1/yard fabric for the bottom and splurged on the top at $5 a yard for that particular pattern. If you use two different fabrics you only need 2 yards of each. Otherwise just buy 4 yards of the same fabric. I cut the top and bottom panels down to 40 inches x 64 inches. Pin it and stitch the 3 edges. Do this with the fabric inside out so you can hide the stitching once it is right side in. The 4th edge is for the zipper. I would give you sewing lessons but it may be easier to Youtube a video or Google it.

As for the pillows…overlap them a little bit and stitch them together. Lay 4 out vertically and 3 horizontally across the top.  This website can walk you through that. I chose to do the zipper instead of the pocket method for no real reason other than wanting to learn how to attach a zipper. You can do this like a pillow sham as well if you like. That link will help you with that too. This person had a handy sewing machine. I hand stitched this entire thing…I am not ashamed! I must confess that I did feel and look a little like Betsy Ross.

Treat this like a recipe. Cut it in half to the size you want or double it. But if you have to double it consider purchasing a small barn…seriously.

So there you go. The whole thing cost us less than $50. I imagine it would normally cost hundred of dollars if you bought all of this already made. The end result? …

Four very happy pups…oh and room for the in-laws this holiday season!



{Insert snarky ‘Welcome!’ title of debatable quality}


Hello, everyone. Welcome to Abaddon, your one-stop shop for all musings of an overly-opinionated, liberal, gamer girl who is barely hanging on to the the last shred of her late 20s.  I love what you’re wearing, by the way. That color really brings out your eyes.

I created this little space on the web because…well…let’s face it. I’m an opinionated bitch.  I live and breathe politics and don’t understand how most people are so apathetic.   You can usually find snarky political rants or posts on Facebook, and that is part of the reason why this blog was created.

Coffee is my major addiction, and if coffee IVs were available, I would have one slapped into a vein faster than a one-legged cat trying to bury a turd on a ferris wheel.  You think I’m joking.

I am the proud Mom of three Labradors (Yes, one of each color. How’s THAT for fully accessorizing?  Boo-yah!) and a Rat Terrier.   They are my children, and if you disagree or say otherwise, you will be exiled.  Please refer to the “House Rules” list that is posted on my fridge before visiting my home. Seriously, it may save your life.

I love film and have had a blast doing over the last few years.  Horror films are my absolute favorite, so expect a fair amount of reviews or all-out rants when I see one.   Martyrs is my favorite film of all time.  Seriously. Best film ever made. No, really. Hands down. I also enjoy the classics and seem to really be getting into French film.

Speaking of French, I am in my final two semesters of college. I already have a degree in Political Science, but I quickly realized that I have no interest in playing the political game of Law.  I’m also fairly lazy and hate dressing up, two qualities that aren’t really complementary with being an attorney. Here I am, 28 years old, not knowing what I want to do with my life. I say that’s A-OK.  What will I do with a French degree? I have no idea…but I FUCKING LOVE wine, bread and cheese.   Every time I’ve been, I’ve gained 20+ pounds. I seriously hope they have a Jenny Craig in Paris.

Like most people, I can’t live without music.  I will forever and always be stuck in the 90s. Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt, The Sundays, Bjork, Tori Amos, Save Ferris.  I would sell my soul to Satan for any of the above to start touring again.  (Save Bjork. She knew a good thing when she saw it and will be around until she’s a tiny, shriveled up old Icelandic woman sitting in some hot spring jamming to beats).  The first time I heard Veruca Salt’s “Volcano Girls” on the radio, I was hooked.  When the video made it to MTV, and I saw Louise Post shredding the solo, I fell in love…a deep, burning love that will perpetually keep me devastated because everyone from that scene has either broken up or OD’d.

I LOVE gaming! Skyrim, Madden, Call of Duty, Fable, shooters, RPG’s, whatever.  I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3, so if you are on either, I am LadyofHorror on XBox, and ARRRobin on PSN.

That’s me in a nutshell.  I plan to use this blog as an outlet for different musings and thoughts that I can’t spew out on friends, family and Facebookians.  God knows there are plenty of them.