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Dexter S08E04 Recap: Scar Tissue



Oh, Dexter.  Just when I begin to regain my long-lost interest in you, you have to completely jump the shark.

Last night’s episode, Scar Tissue, continued with Deborah’s downward spiral of hating Dexter and struggling to cope with the fact that she killed LaGuerta, essentially valuing Dexter’s life over an innocent’s.   That’s definitely a cause for some self-reflection.  The first three episodes of the series have done a great job showing her inner-turmoil, and Jennifer Carpenter, in my opinion, has absolutely stolen this season thus far.   In the last episode, episode 3, Deborah went to Miami Metro during a drunken haze and attempted to confess her crimes, but Dexter and Dr. Vogel showed up at just in time to inject her with M-99 and drag her back to Vogel’s home.

Dexter has asked Dr. Vogel to take care of her and try to “make her better.”  I’m not quite sure how Dexter expects Deb to forget putting a bullet in her boss’ brain, but I digress.   While Dexter is researching and checking Vogel’s previous patients off of the potential Brain-Scooping Serial Killer list, Vogel and Deb return to the shipping container where she killed LaGuerta, the bullet hole allowing one bright ray of light into the otherwise dark box.  Now, I have to say that I am fascinated by this dynamic.  Vogel is a world-renowned neuropsychiatrist who specializes in profiling and studying psychopaths.  We have already learned that she and Harry co-created “Harry’s Code,” the series of laws by which Dexter lives and kills.  She seemingly (emphasis on the seemingly part) adores Dexter, and if I had a dime for every time she has creepily said, “Dexter, you’re perfect,” I would be wealthier than Donald fucking Trump.   She’s clearly trying her best to brainwash Deb into believing that Dexter is not only a necessary balance in the world, but also that he is her family and her love/protection is important.  She shows Deb the videos of her meetings with Harry, and a startling revelation is made:  Harry committed suicide after walking in on a teenaged Dexter dismembering a victim that he had just killed.  Dun dun dun….

Apparently, this does not go over very well with Deb.  She goes to Miami Metro and asks Dexter to take a ride so they can talk, and Dexter eagerly agrees.  Cutting to the chase, mid-ride, Deb grabs the steering wheel, says that Harry should have killed Dexter as well, and drives the car right into a lake.

What. The. Fuck?

Ok. I get that Deb has a death wish and believes her brother to be a monster, but seriously?  I guess the actions are somewhat plausible, but it felt completely out of place and bizarre.  It wasn’t an “Oh my god!” moment like Rita’s amazingly emotional death, as I’m assuming it was meant to be. A nearby fisherman saves Deb, and as she sees Dexter sinking with the car, she decides to save him at the very last moment.  Obviously. Dexter isn’t going to die this early in the season, but I find this to be a complete copout of the writers.

So now that that’s out of the way, what else happened?

  • In fact, I’m putting my money on it.
  • Dexter finally discovers the identity of Mr. Brain Scooper, a former Dr. Vogel patient: AJ Yates.  After seeing a fucked up surgical scar on his head, Dexter confronts Vogel and discovers that she authorized brain surgery for Yates after finding a lesion.  For some reason, she kept this information from Dexter. Why?
  • Yates apparently has a PIMP underground lair (like a cross between Saw and The Collector films), and after hacking Yates’ computer, Dexter has a revelation that Vogel is just a master tinkerer and doesn’t give a flying fuck about him, Deb, or anyone else.  She’s been keeping notes on her real thoughts about Dexter, and they aren’t pretty or complementary.  Dexter confronts her about it and more or less tells her that after Yates is dead, he wants her to piss off. She agress, but we all know that people don’t cleanly cut ties with Dexter. They usually end up dead.
  • Two new characters are introduced.  Cassie, Dexter’s magical  next door neighbor and one of Jamie’s friends, and Vickie, Masuka’s alleged daughter.  These two introductions are extremely random, but one thing is certain….Dexter rarely introduces meaningless characters.  Cassie appears to likely have nefarious intentions, and I have NO idea what the point of Masuka’s daughter is, but hey. I guess those loose ends will eventually be tied.

So what do you guys think?  Does Vogel have ulterior motives?   Is she actually a psychopath herself?  What’s going to happen between Dexter and Deb?  Is the relationship reparable?

We have eight more episodes to find out.