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Fox News: Take Responsibility


Regarding the Colorado Springs shooting: It’s definitely the fault of the individual going around shooting innocent people. But….everyone, especially Republicans, needs to stop acting like people cannot be influenced. That’s doing a massive disservice to those who have died from instances such as this one. Fox News is just as guilty of pandering hate as the leaders of ISIS. Fact. Stop pretending like that isn’t the case when Fox News and right wing extremism influences someone to do what ISIS influences people to do. The only difference is that Fox News isn’t directly forcing people to behead and kill….they just stir them up into a frenzy and sit back and watch what happens. They spent MONTHS harping on the fucking Planned Parenthood videos, which, as everyone knows, were falsified, heavily-edited and totally untrue. Each of the Republican candidates brought it up in all three Republican debates, calling Democrats and abortion providers “murderers who must be stopped by good Christians.” THIS is the result of your hate-mongering. Now take some fucking responsibility. The fact that this particular Planned Parenthood has a SAFE ROOM for acts like these…says everything you need to know.‪ #‎IStandWithPP‬