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Where Are the Aliens?






Woke up this morning and this is the very first thing I saw on my timeline. That person was immediately removed.

I am SO done with people’s bullshit.

Bombs, guns, executions, terrorist attacks, blood, tears, broken families. The list goes on and on. Leaders around the world say, “This was a great tragedy, let’s pray for the victims and their families.”


They don’t actually care until it happens to them or their own, and that’s become abundantly clear over the last few years when it comes to ANY political issue, foreign or domestic. We are so cozy, sitting over here in our ivory tower of America. We haven’t dealt with daily suicide bombings, our neighborhoods being destroyed, mass rape and mass murder (except by white men with guns. But shhhhh)

No, what does the average American deal with on a daily basis?

“In other news, Kim Kardashian got another pair of shoes. Kylie Jenner got more lip implants. Kim Davis won’t marry gay people and won’t do her job because God. Buy the Colgate, not the Aquafresh. Justin Bieber pissed in a mop bucket. Buy the Neutrogena, you’ll look younger. If your breath stinks, no one’s going to kiss you. If you look like shit, no one’s going to fuck you.” Welcome, and God bless America.

So what problems do we have?

More than once a month, typically, we have a mass shooting. Schools. Theaters. Shopping malls. But no. We can’t do anything about that because owning weapons of mass destruction is apparently a Constitutional right given to you by people hundreds of years ago when we were colonies fighting a foreign power.
When a white man walks down the street with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder, using his “God-given” right to open carry, you better make a decision quickly as to whether or not he’s a mass murderer. I hope it’s the right choice. People in Colorado a few weeks back made the wrong one, and 3 innocent people were shot dead on the sidewalk.

But go ahead and hoard your guns for whatever murderous gang is going to randomly come into your house to kill your family. Go ahead and open carry into every Starbucks and Walmart in America, waiting for that random person to attack you while you’re shopping or sipping on an iced fucking breve. The rest of us will sit back and hope you have even the slightest knowledge of how to use it. But hey. It is your “Constitutional right.”

“Oh, it’s not a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem.”


The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 was one of President Carter’s final achievements. It dedicated $800 million for the expansion of government services, research and training of professionals to treat the mentally ill. Your beloved Saint Reagan came in and within a month of being sworn in as president, gutted the National Institute of Mental Health, cut the budget, eliminated training, stopped most research and cut services. Republican legislatures and governors across the country continue this trend year after year.

People in this country are so brainwashed by rightwing media that the REAL problem is “big government,” brown people, people on welfare, gays, abortion providers…that they can’t even see the forest for the fucking trees.

“We can’t take care of our veterans, but you want to bring in 200,00 refugees?”

We CAN take care of our veterans, but YOU KEEP VOTING FOR PEOPLE THAT REJECT VETERAN HOUSING, HEALTH AND JOB BILLS! If you took more than 3 minutes and looked up from your goddamn bag of cheese curls and Fox News, you would see this!


But let’s go ahead and hate people for who they love. Let’s hate people for the particular god they pray to. Let’s hate people for the color of their skin. Let’s hate people for the country in which they were born. Let’s spew ALL of our hate while calling ourselves the “Best country in the world” and bonding over our “Christian principles.” And then next week, let’s all sit down with ALL of our friends and families around a massive meal, and give thanks for all of it while making small talk about the poor brown people are who being massacred by the tens of thousands.

More moderate households will have conversations like:
“Gosh, it’s so sad. But we just can’t risk it.”
“I know! Did you see the toddler that drowned when his boat capsized? So sad.”
“My heart goes out to them, but we just can’t take the risk in America. We don’t know who is going to come in with them.”

I’m willing to bet that most households in America will go:
“Fuck ’em! We just need to bomb them back into the Stone Age.”
“Well, our President is a Muslim. Of course he’s trying to bring them all over here so they can impose Sharia law and kill us all.”
“The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.”

God Bless America.

I’m sitting in the waiting room of my Dr’s office and CNN is on. After a VERY brief story on how France is taking in 20,000 refugees, even after the attack….it cut to the 10000th re-play of the story on “Justin Bieber’s heartfelt prayer for the friends he lost in the Paris attacks.”

Where the fuck are the aliens?

I want out.